Return, Service & Refund Policies


There are no physical goods or downloadable products such as themes, programs or information packets sold on this site, so there are no returns. Sales on the site are strictly pay for service.

Service Contracts

Before initiating any work, Bob Werber will provide the client with a service contract laying out payment and work schedules. Client will approve contract via email, and then work will begin.

Refunds and Terminations

Payment to Bob Werber may be done in one of two ways: As a lump sum or as a monthly recurring payment for ongoing services.
1) Lump sum payments: Lump sum payments are refundable only by mutual agreement between client and Bob Werber. In cases where a contract is cancelled before completion, a portion of the lump sum payment may be refunded by mutual agreement between client and Bob Werber.
2) Monthly recurring fees: Client can cancel any pre-scheduled recurring payment at any time by providing notice at least one day before the payment is scheduled for processing as per the terms of the service contract. Stopping pre-scheduled, recurring payments shall be considered a termination of the service contract.