Total Website Coverage


Smart branding means asking yourself how a potential client or buyer will see you. Do you want your image to be dependable or new and disruptive? Is one-on-one personal service an important part of your offering? What’s the one thing you are the very best at? How are you different than your competitors?


Whatever your niche, I study at least a dozen of your competitors’ websites to see what they’re doing well. Key strategy questions include whether you compete regionally or nationally and what you want a visitor to do when they get to your website. A pretty website that drives no response won’t be valuable to you.


I generally develop the look and feel of your site with a theme called Brooklyn, which offers a great array of image sliders, fadeins and other effects that help make your site look fantastic. We can use Google fonts and images from you or from stock to create a lively feeling that will make your business look exciting.

Content Creation

No matter what field you’re in, you’ll find that competitors with the best search engine position have lots of content on their sites. But it can’t just be any content. Google watches how much time people spend on your website, so non-engaging content can hurt your rankings. Also, visitors are obviously human beings. If you don’t present them with interesting information, they’ll lose interest in you fast. My experience as a magazine writer is a big plus here.

Search Engine Optimization

To get the most from your pages, your images and any blog posting you may do, you need to know which keywords are more likely to draw the right clients to your site. Then, you want to understand how to integrate those words and phrases into your articles, pages and blog posts without breaking Google’s rules. I can optimize your content, and teach your employees how to do it as well.

Total Website Care

To keep on drawing your audience, it’s important to keep adding to your content over time with new blog posts, case studies and other information. There are also lots of back end mechanics on a site that need to be watched. I monitor site security, theme and plugin updates, traffic analytics, your Google My Business account, your search console and other things you’d rather not be up at night worrying about.